5 of the World’s Best Classical Piano Players Famous in History

Becoming the world’s best classical piano player would be the dream of all pianists. Since the first piano instrument was invented, which is about 500 years ago, until now there have been many reliable pianists who can play piano keys with a distinctive rhythm and tone. Some pianists who will be reviewed on this occasion are those who have succeeded in developing talent so that his name is famous and even recorded in the music world as the best pianist of all time. Who are they?

Arturo Beneditti Michelangeli

The man who was born in Brescia, Italy, is one of the best pianists throughout the 20th century. Arturo began to like music and studied various musical instruments since he was 3 years old. In the beginning, the instrument he loved was a violin until finally he was interested in playing the piano because he thought that the piano can emit very emotional notes. At the age of 10, he entered the Milan Conservatory. 8 years later, Arturo Beneditti Michelangeli began his international career by joining the Ysaye International event in Belgium.

At that time, he got seventh position among other great musicians. A year later, when he was 19 years old, he won first place in an international music competition held in Geneva. From here, his name began to be known and became one of the best classical pianists.

Alfred Denis Cortot

Besides Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, the title of the world’s best classical piano player in the 20th century is also held by Alfred Denis Cortot. The man who was born in Nyon, Vaud, began to be known as a reliable pianist because of his amazing piano playing with variations from various world-famous composers such as Liszt, Chopin, Brahms, and so on. One of the unique features possessed by Alfred when he played classical piano was the variations he created himself that produced a unique and special tone. From this, his name became known to the world as a talented classical piano player.

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Walter Wilhelm Gieseking

He was born in Lyon, France, into a family of doctors. The first time Gieseking played the piano was when he was 4 years old self-taught. In 1911 until 1916, he decided to study at the Hanover Conservatory. From here then his musical talent emerged. The first appearance of Gieseking when playing the piano was in 1915. His performance at that time successfully hypnotized the audience because the piano tunes he created were very melodious and emotional. Reportedly, Walter Wilhelm Gieseking never practiced playing the piano. He just spent time sitting in silence while playing a song in his mind. However, all the works produced by the autodidact are very phenomenal to date.

Franz Liszt

Not only famous as a pianist, Franz Liszt is also famous as the best composer and music teacher in the 19th century. Liszt’s works in the music world are so numerous that they make his name even bigger. At least there are around 700 musical compositions that he created. Not only that, Liszt also introduced a new form of music in the era of Romanticism. No wonder he became one of the greatest pianists in history to date.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Who has never heard of the name Mozart? Yes, the man who has the real name Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozard is a composer and the world’s best classical piano player. He is one of the composers in classical European times whose name is most famous in history. The works of Mozart no less than 700 songs, including compositions that have been recognized as the pinnacle of symphonic music, piano, opera, and choir. If you like listening to classical songs, you must be very familiar with Mozart’s works such as Die Zauberflote and opera Don Giovanni.

Mozart is also known as the most genius pianist because he had started playing the piano when he was 3 years old and saw mastering this instrument at the age of 5 years. Even at a very young age, Mozart has held a concert with the works he made.

There are some of the best classical piano players in the world whose works are very famous and valuable until now.

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