The Best Country Music Singers of all Time

Country music is no doubt one of America’s most popular and distinct forms of art. Its origin is traced in mostly areas that were considered rural at that time and features a singer singing certain words over an acoustic guitar. It is from this simple form of music that these rural heroes became icons in their industry. Below are some of the best country music singers of all time:

Country Music Legends

Johnny Cashggr5u6t

He sits at the top of this list as he was the most influential and imposing country music artist in history. He created a genre of his own and had so many good songs to his name that are way better than any other country music singer. He seems destined to remain at the top for the longest time coming.

George Strait

He was able to get many of his songs in the number one slot for so many times that no other artist from any other genre beat his record. He is considered as the king of country music and consequently one of the greatest country artists of all time. All his music was home country to its bones, and there was simply no match for him.

werthyGeorge Jones

George Jones is considered as the voice of the country music genre. He sang the best country song in history earning him a place among the greatest country music artists. His songs are capable of integrating into the soul of any human and open their hearts to receive all that the song conveys.

Merle Haggard

Simply known as the Hag, he is considered as country music’s poet laureate. His song writing skills were superb, and each song verse and chorus were capable of transporting a listener to his world. He is famed for writing a song that had no verse, Silver Wings.

Waylon Jennings

He is considered as the country music’s ground break. His style was not compared to any other, and he had so many releases and recordings that only George Jones surpassed him. He was a giant among the men, and he changed the country music for the better in order to play his music in his own preferred way.

Hank Williams

He was the most influential song writer and country music singer of his time. He belongs to both the rock and roll and country Hall of Fames. His rating is only hurt by his short career stint.

Garth Brooks

His songs are written in a way that makes everyone relate to them, and only a few singers could achieve that feat. He is heralded as one of the best country music singers to have walked on earth.

All of the above are just but some of the best country music singers of all time. The list is longer than this as there are other great country music singers. Some of them are Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, etc.