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Dance the night away at Thailand Full moon parties


A bunch of tourists decided the best view of the full moon is at Koh Phangan, Thailand so they decided to throw a Full moon party. After that, it has now become a routine for thousands of party goers.

Popularity & Safetyre4t5y6y

In fact, the Thailand full moon parties have also been featured in numerous movies. If you want to join one of these parties, then prepare to have the time of your life. You must also be aware that your valuables are at risk of getting stolen. There are a lot of bad people everywhere especially when you decide to come during the holidays. A lot of alcoholic beverages are being sold near the beaches there. Some even spend the night over at the party. Security is usually tightened up during the full moon parties because it is expected that a lot of fights will break out due to some people going crazy as a result of drinking too much.

The positive side

The best part about these full moon parties is all the new people you will meet. You will get to meet people from all walks of life as they take a break from their busy life to party like there is no tomorrow. It is always great meeting people because you never know what is going to happen next when you meet them. You might end up starting a business with them or even a relationship if possible.

When are they held?

Thailand Full Moon parties happen once a month so better check on the Internet for the official schedule so you won’t end up going there only to find out that there is no party. You can expect a lot of people to attend these parties. In fact, it is a mix of tourists and locals who want to get out of the city life.


These parties start late and can last until the early morning the next day. The parties are so wild that you will never know what is going to happen next. You better bring your camera and be prepared to take some unforgettable pictures. Be careful not to get drunk too early because the best part of the party comes when it is way past 3 or 4 AM. Everyone is drunk, and you never know what is going to go down. You better brace yourself for the unexpected, but the important thing is to have fun and make loads of new friends.