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How to Choose a Trampoline for Kids

A trampoline is a great play option especially if you have small kids. However when buying a trampoline to be used by kids, you need to be extra careful. You can check Little Tikes is our favorite trampoline for young kids for safety. Kids are prone to make mistakes when playing, so you need to make sure you take care of their safety.

When buying a trampoline, the safety aspects are the most important aspects of the trampoline. You need to communicate to the seller that you need a trampoline with extra safety features, and you will be advised on the right trampoline.

Buying a trampoline for kids

Mounting area

The area where the trampoline will be mounted is very important whterterteteteen it comes to safety. A trampoline should be mounted in a flat area away from all kind of hazards. You need to make sure that you place you trampoline in an area where in the case of a fall, your kids will be safe.

It is always advisable to place it in an open area where you will not find any sharp objects. Beneath the trampoline put a good material like wood chips or sand to provide a safe landing ground in case of a fall. Avoid placing the trampoline on concrete or any other hard material.


A trampoline that will be used by kids should be well padded to avoid injuries. Also, make sure that the padding is made from a different color to contrast the other parts of the trampoline. The padding should be enough to reduce injury in case a child hits it during play time.

Make sure that you always use padding on the frame and springs of the trampoline. This will reduce the impact, and it will avoid injury in cases where the child slips and heats the frames or springs of the trampoline.

Net around the twrewrewrwerwrampoline

For the trampoline to remain safe the kids, you should net around the trampoline. The purpose of the netting is to keep the child restricted around the trampoline and avoid slipping over. When looking for netting make sure it is within the trampoline and not outside the frames.

The purpose of this is to make sure that the child does not hit the frames before they hit the net. For children, a trampoline should never be used without the safety netting installed around.