Top 4 Movies To Watch In 2016

2015 was a year that brought us some fantastic movie titles including the new Star Wars movie, Di Caprio’s Revenant and the new Avengers. Look at new movie trailers for 2016 to keep you informed. A few months into the new year, we have much to look forward to as 2016 promises to be just as satisfying to the average movie aficionado.

These are our top movies to watch in 2016

1. Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice

The movie just showed up in the cinemas a few days ago, and if you haven’t seen it yetsdhfdjhfsfs, it’s time to book your tickets. The movie features two of the most beloved superheroes of all time in a head to head confrontation that leaves the whole world in a dilemma over the kind of superhero it needs.

With Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the roles of Batman and Superman, the movie has already been doing well at the box office, netting $166 million on the opening weekend alone.

2. X-Men; Apocalypse

Marvel’s superheroes take on the world’s most powerful mutant, Apocalypse in this summer’s edition of the X-Men. The plot sees Apocalypse wake from his slumber after thousands of years and recruit an army of mutants to start a campaign of human extinction and new world order.

As always the X-Men are there to save the day, and we will have a chance to find out how they do in May 2016. The movie features a star-studded cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and James McAvoy and will certainly not be one to miss out on.

3. Finding Dory

In one of the cutest things to come to our screens this year, one of the all-time best cartoons “Finding Nemo” is getting a sequel dubbed “Finding Dory”.

Finding Dory features much of the familiar cast of characters from Finding Nemo and will see the forgetful but kind Dory reunited with her family in a cartoon that seems to carry some powerful messages for all of us. The movie features some well-known voices, and we can expect fun for the whole family with this one.

4. Rogue Onejshdjsh

The first of its kind, Rogue One is a movie set in the Star Wars universe but not directly a sequel of the previous seven episodes. Produced by Lucasfilm and set to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios, the movie promises to be a real spectacle as the reappearance of some old characters, namely Darth Vader, will be greatly anticipated by the fans. The 2016 movie comes to us December 2016.